“Awghan” (اوغان) is not a derogatory distortion of the word Afghan

Some Pashtuns of Afghanistan (particularly the diaspora) get offended when Uzbeks, Tajiks and Hazaras refer to them as Awghan (اوغان), thinking it is a derogatory distortion of the word Afghan.  But there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is Awghan which is original while Afghan might be its Arabic or Persian modification of … Read more

History of Bannu

Bannu is mentioned in the events of year 1398 AD, when Amir Timur invaded India , at which time he came through Kurma’h into Bannu [1]. In Timur’s biography “Zafar-namah”, name of the place is written as Bano with long a (بانو). Timur left a body of his troops in Bannu to deal with turbulence … Read more

Yousafzais of Ghoriwala in Bannu

Yousafzais of Ghoriwala Hasan Khan Yousafzai, the progenitor of the Mughal Khels of Ghoriwala town in Bannu. was an adventurer from Yusufzai country, who settled in Bannu in early18th century. His son Umar Khan removed to Ghoriwal, and by degrees worked himself into position of a chief, his followers being mostly Jat and Awan Hindkis. … Read more

Ghazi Dilasa Khan of Bannu

Bannuchis resisted stoutly any intruders, Mughals, Durranis or the Wazirs. Ghulam Muhammad who visited Bannu in 1782, wrote of them:- “The horses and swords of Bannu are remarkably good; and the people are exceedingly brave and bold. They are Shitaks, the descendants of Sharaf-ud-Din, alias Shitak, son of Karlarnaey”. In 1822 Ranjit Singh began his … Read more