A band of Yousafzais made an attempt to conquer Chitral in 1593

When Yousafzais were being exterminated everywhere by the Mughals, a band of resolute men among them under Muhammad Khan decided to force their way through to Kashkar (Chitral) through Panjkora and settling therein. Akhund Darweza himself was part of that band. They at first drove before them the Kafiris (Spin Kafiris) who held the banks of the river Panjkora, but afterwards met with reverses and lost their original leader and also his successor Ghazi Khan Malezai. Worn out and hopeless, the company of Yousafzais abandoned the enterprise and returned. Subsequently they fell into the hands of Zain Khan Koka (the Mughal general).

Reference: “Afghanistan and its inhabitants” [Hayat-i-Afghani], p-105


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