A little history of how English dress made its way into Afghanistan

By Nafees Ur Rehman

(Superficial) Reforms that costed King Aman Ullah his kingdom!

In 1928, members of Loya Jirgah turned up in their Afghan dress for the Grand Assembly with the king. They were “issued black suits, ties and felt hats with orders to wear them from now on.”

Before and After photos!

A little history of how English dress made its way into Afghanistan.

Amir Abdur Rahman, grand father of King Aman Ullah, used verse from Quran in order to impose change of dress on Afghan people. He called the Afghan dress (wide big trousers & sleeves) to be an “extravagance”!

He employed Indian tailors who trained hundreds of Afghan tailors in making English uniforms for the Afghan troops. The cost of the uniforms was deducted from soldiers’ pay.

Any soldier not wearing English uniform would forfeit six month’s pay!

Then came Amir Habib Ullah Khan who himself was very fond of European dresses. He took keen interest in his harem & the way his wives/concubines were dressed. He made sure they all wear European dresses as noted by his chief secretary.

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