Abdullah Khan Alakozai (a Pashtun ruler of Kashmir)

Pathan rule in Kashmir
Sardar Abdullah Khan Alkozai surrounded by his courtiers, Kashmir, 1798 AD.

From a richly illustrated manuscript of Pashto diwan of Rahman Baba, commissioned by Sardar Abdullah Khan Alakozai, Kashmir, dated to 14th October, 1798. Source

Abdullah Khan Alakozai was governor of Kashmir from 1795 to 1807.

In 1796.A.D, Syed Yahya from Baghdad visited Kashmir. After paying his visit to various religious places of valley he decided to leave. But before his return Abdullah Khan Alakozai presented him the Kashmiri Shawl. The presented Shawl finally reached to Napoleon. From that very day the demand for Kashmiri Shawls at international level increased and France emerged as the biggest exporter of Kashmiri Shawls. France took eighty percent of the exported share alone. Within a calculated period of time these beautiful Shawl wraps became fashionable item for the Western people. [1]

Abdullah Khan was held in high regards by Kashmir and Durranis who served under him. Mountstaurt Elphinstone writes:

“He was a man of good talents and great courage. He is still spoken of with affection by the Cashmerians, and by the Dooraunees who have served under him. He is commended for his love of justice and his skill in administering it; for his liberality, his affable manners, and his princely magnificence. He was also a great encourager of learning and poetry. Perhaps no Dooraunee has left a character so generally admired.” (An account of kingdom of Caubul”, p-596)


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