Aka Khel Afridis

The Aka Khels are descendants of Aka , son of Farid/Usman. At a very early period , they got detached from the main tribe and established themselves in the hills south-west of Peshawar, near Akhor. They do not belong to the Khyberi (Khyber pass’s) group of Afridis, nor technically to the Kohat Pass Afridis, yet, they control the exit to the Kohat Pass from the north and north-west. They are divided into six sections, namely, the Basi Khel, Sher Khel, Sanzi Khel, Sultan Khel, Madda Khel and Miri Khel . The Aka Khel hold three principal settlements, that is, in the Waran, Bara and west of the Aimal Chabutra or Spin Thana (Fort Mackeson) including Mattani. [Haroon Rashid, “History of Pathans, Vol-IV, p-239]

The Aka Khels are divided into the sections of Mada Khel, Mirgad Khel, Maroof Khel, Sanzal Khel, Sultan Khel, Sher Khel and Miro Khel. The Mada Khels are further sub-divided into Zolikhel and Mir Khankhels; Miri Khels are subdivided into Hasan Khels, Masso Khels and Umer Khels. The Maroof Khels are sub-divided into Badi and Sadaq whereas the Mirgad Khels have a sub section of Wali Khels. Sher Khels have two sub-sections viz Bori and Ayub Khels while Sultan Khels are sub-divided into Azad Khels, Kob Khels and Baji Dre Wandi. The Sanzal Khels are sub-divided into Umber Khels, Mir Said Khels, Qasim Khels, Shahbaz Khels and Asim Khels. [The land of Khyber – Page 65, by Teepu Mahabat Khan, Sang-e-Meel Publications]

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