Bollywood Khans – Are they related to Pashtuns?

Shahrukh Khan claims that his ancestors were from Afghanistan who settled in Peshawar. But his relatives in Peshawar are reported to have said that they are Hindkowans of Kashmiri descent. Yusuf Khan or Dilip Kumar is not a Pashtun but a Hindko-speaking Awan from Peshawar. Salman Khan’s family is from Indore (Madihya Pradesh). Exact details about the roots of Salman Khan’s family are unknown but Salman Khan has said in his interviews that his grandfather was from Afghanistan.

Saif Ali Khan belongs to a Nawabi family of Pataudi, their history is recorded. They are descendants of an Indo-Afghan mercenary Faiz Talib Khan whose great-grandfather migrated from Shorawak district of Kandahar to India during the reign of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah (r.1719 – 1748). The pargana of Pataudi was granted to Faiz Talib Khan in perpetual jagir by the British for his loyal services during the second Anglo-Maratha War (1803). In an interview the late father of Saif Ali Khan made a false claim that his ancestors were in possession of these lands since 15th century and that their ancestors were nobles of Lodi Sultans.

The late Irfan Khan was from Tonk (Rajasthan). The ruling family of Tonk (Rajasthan, India) were descendants of Salarzai Bunerwals. Interestingly Irfan Khan played the role of Najib Khan Yousafzai in the TV series “the Great Marathas” produced by Sanjay Khan in 90s. 

Nasiruddin Shah, who is commonly viewed as Pathan in India, is a descendant of a Shia Farsiwan (Tajik) chieftain, who betrayed Wazir Akbar Khan Barakzai and joined the British invaders during the First Anglo-Afghan war. For details about him, read this blog-post.

Bollywood Khans
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Bollywood khans

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