Barech tribe

Barechs are Sarabani Pashtuns. Their progenitor Barech was the fourth son of Sharkhabun son of Saraban according to the traditional Pashtun genealogy. Barech had two sons, Daud and Hussain. Large number of Bareches migrated to Hind along with other Pashtun tribes at the time of Sultan Bahlol Lodi. The remnants in Afghanistan are settled in … Read more

The story of Fateh Khan Barech

Fateh Khan Barech was the son of Aslam Khan, the ruler of Qila- i-Bost (Lashkar Gah, Helmand). After developing differences with his father, he decided to migrate towards India with 60 companions. On their way to India, they came across Tarin tribesmen engaged in a battle with their enemies, at Shorawak (a district in Kandahar). … Read more