Daud Shah Khan (a Ghilzai Pashtun), Commander-in-Chief of Afghan army in 1870s.

Daud Shah Khan, a six feet tall Ghilzai Pashtun, joined the army of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan at the age of 20 and became Akbar Khan’s orderly officer. He served as a captain, then as a general and finally as Commander-in-Chief under Amir Sher Ali. He also served as Yakub Khan’s Commander-in-Chief. On December 18, … Read more

Dresses of Afghanistan in early 19th century

The earliest reliable set of illustrations of Afghans of all ranks, albeit men only, dates to the early nineteenth century and was published by a British diplomat, Mountstuart Elphinstone. Yousafzai     Elphinstone describe the dress of Yousafzais as, “The ordinary dress of the men is a cotton tunic, made to fit the body down to … Read more

Tattoo markings amongst Ghilzais

Excerpt from Captain J.A Robinson , “Notes on Nomad Tribes of Esatern Afghanistan”, p-14/5 Among the Ghilzais, the system of tattoes is, more or less, a mark of tribal identification. the marks are usually made on faces of the women, but in few cases, they have been observed on the forearms of the men also. … Read more