A British officer is shot dead by Khostwal tribesmen in Waziristan, 1915

On 7 January 1915 a Khostwal lashkar (comprising of Zadrans, Tanis and Gurbaz) entered Waziristan to attack British posts in the Tochi valley (North Waziristan). They were attacking British posts in Waziristan because Britain had declared war against Ottoman caliphate on 5 November 1914.  The British officer who got killed by the Khostwals at Spina … Read more

Tani tribe

Tanis are descendants of Tanaey son of Shitak by his second wife. The Jadrans, their neighbors, consider them as the descendants of Kagh, a servant of Shaikh Beitan. Nevertheless, they are accounted amongst the Karlanris. They are spirited and brave and have a sense of Afghan honour. It is said that Tanaey had two sons, … Read more