Zaimusht tribe (Tor Tarin)

The Zaimusht or Zaimukhts are a tribe of Tor Tarin Pashtuns who inhabit the hills between the Kurram and the Orakzai border on the north-west frontier of Kohat. The tradition among the Bangash is that they were fugitive slaves of the Tarins, and were given the country they now occupy, by them. The tribe lives … Read more

Wanechi Spin Tarin

Kamal, a Spin Tarin from Harnai, language informer of Georg Morgenstierne for Wanetsi Pashto, 1929.   “The Mikhiani and Wanechi Tarins of Shahrig use a modified form of Pashto that is known as the Chalgari or Tarinao. This dialect differs from the ordinary Pashto of the Quetta District and according to the traditions the progenitor … Read more

Tarin tribe

The Tarins (also spelled as Tareen) are Sarbani Pashtuns, descendants of Tarin, son of Sharkabun, son of Sarban. Tarin had three sons, namely, Abdal (Audal), Spin and Tor. According to another tradition Tarin had four sons, namely, Spin, Tor, Zhar and Bor. The descendants of Zhar have become extinct though a few families live among … Read more