Daud Shah Karrani

Daud Karrani taken as prisoner by Mughals

Daud Shah Karrani (Karlanri), the last Afghan Sultan of India, has been taken prisoner in this 16th century painting from Akbarnama . He is shown with his hands bound together, surrounded by Mughal cavalry. Daud Karrani was beheaded, and his severed head was sent to Akbar. The Sultanate of Karrani Afghans became a dominant power in the north-eastern part of India in 1565-1572 and included Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and parts of Assam (Koch).

A group of tribes such as the Afridi, Dilazak, Wazir, Khattak, Shitak, Zadran etc. are collectively referred to as Karlanri tribes (spelled as Karrani , Kararani or Kalani in Persian sources due to difficulty in pronouncing ڼ of Pashto). According to genealogy trees, they are descendants of Karlan.


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