Islamia College, Peshawar

Roos Keppel, then chief commissioner of the North West Frontier province, wanted to ‘ tame’ the Pashtun people through higher education. As such, he went forward with a movement that led to the foundation of Darul Uioom and the affiliated lslamia School and lslamia College. The lslamia College Committee was formed to raise funds and make arrangements for establishing the mentioned educational institutions. Roos Keppel remarked, ” I shall try to get all the sons of the tribal maliks, the chief of the next generation, to attend the school and learn that the ‘Firangi’ and his administration are not as black as they are painted.” The pro-government camp under the leadership of Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan joined hands with Roos-Keppel in establishing Islamia College at Peshawar.


Islamia College Peshawar, 1930

A painting of Islamia College Peshawar by M.E.Tipping ,1917

Islamia College Peshawar, c.1920

Islamia College , Peshawar, 1931.

Islamia College Peshawar, 1919

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