History of the Khattak tribe

The south-east of Peshawur, from Naushera to the Indus, by Attock round the Akora Hills to Kohat, and the whole south and east of the Kohat district, is held by the Khattaks, one of the finest tribes on our whole frontier, but located almost entirely within, rather than across, the Border. Their original home was probably the northern slopes of the Sulaimans, and they also moved gradually eastward about the thirteenth century, by Bannu and Kohtit, until, about the close of the fifteenth, they had divided the most of the latter with the Bangash ; later again, about the middle of the six- tenth ; they appeared in the Peshawur Valley — the plain from Khairabad to Naushera being granted to them by Akbar for services rendered by Malik Akor, at that time chief of the whole tribe. They made further progress undur Akbar’s immediate successors, have encroached from time to time somewhat on their Mohmand, Khalil, and Mandanr neighbors, and under a less settled Government would probably soon extend still further into the valley. In the case of many of these tribes history not merely repeats itself, it becomes monotonous. The Khattaks, like the rest, increased, and have since divided into two divisions ; the first making their head-quarters at Akora on the Kabul River, the
other at Teri in south-west Kohat.

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