Khogiani tribe

Khogiani tribesmen, ca.1890. From “The tribes on our frontier” series of photos by Bourne & Shepherd. . Source



According to Khulasat-ul-Ansab (p-146-7), “Khugaey was the seventh son of Kodi (Kodaey) and his progeny forms the Khugiani tribe. All the six clans (of Khugiani) are settled around the Spin Ghar near Bangashes. Besides above mentioned some other Khugiani clans that are also known after him as the Khugianis, are settled near Jalalabad and Peshawar. Some are of the view that Khugianaey was not the son of Kodi but that of Kakaey”. 

A Khugiani of Murkhi Khel. The Illustrated London News, August 9, 1879



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