Makh Afghan, a Pashtun king of 14th century Deccan

A century before Bahlul Lodi became king, a Pashtun by name of Malik Makh Afghan became king of a large sultanate in Deccan in 1346 AD and sat on throne for twelve months. He was leader of the rebels who had revolted against Muhammad bin Tughlaq. He assumed the title of Sultan Nasir-ud-din Ismail Shah.

Sultan Nasir-ud-din Ismail Shah voluntarily abdicated in favour of Hasan Gangu (the founder of Bahmani dynasty) on September 1347 AD. The Pashtuns thus lost an opportunity to establish an independent kingdom in Deccan.

Malik Makh Afghan held the office of Amir al-Umara (commander-in-chief of the army) under the new king for some time. But later Hasan Gangu (now Sultan Bahman Shah) got rid of Makh Afghan by accusing him of plotting against the king. Sultan Bahman Shah struck Makh Afghan with his own sword and killed him immediately. This was the first execution of its kind in open court in the Deccan.

For details read “The Bahmanis of the Deccan” by Haroon Khan Sherwani.


Malik Makh Afghan


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