The Miyana (Afghan) nobles of Bijapur sultanate

The Miyana tribe belongs to the Saraban division of Pashtuns. They are found in Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Most of its branches have become extinct or have lost their identity. Their en-mass migration to India greatly weakened them and they fell easy prey to their Baloch neighbours. Luni, Jafar, Zamari and Gharshin tribes are remnants of the Miyana tribe.  

Some of the Miyanas became nobles of the Adil Shahi Sultans of Bijapur (1518-1686). Jan-Nisar Khan Miyana held the rank of 2,000 horse in the reign of Ismael Adil Shah who ruled from 1510 to 1535 AD. Bahlul Khan Miyana, a descendant of Jan-Nisar Khan Miyana, became Commander-in-Chief of the army of Bijapur sultanate, and later served as regent for the child king Sikandar Adil Shah (r. 1672-1686).

Bahlul Khan Miyana died in the reign of Sikandar Adil Shah. He was succeeded by his son Dalil Khan Miyana who kept on good terms with Sikandar Adil Shah, but when Aurangzeb again entered the Deccan in 1681 AD for its subjugation, Dalil Khan joined him with 2000 Afghan cavalry and 3000 foot, many of them of his own tribe, and all in his own pay.

References: (1) “Notes on Afghanistan and part of Baluchistan” by H.G.Raverty (2) “History of the Pathans” by Haroon Rashid.

nobility of bijapur
Portrait of Bahlul Khan Miyana, made in c.1686 by an anonymous artist. Source
Bijapur kingdom
Portrait of Abdul Aziz Khan Miyana, brother of Bahlul Khan Miyana. Source
A portrait of Bahlul Khan Miyana, late 19th century painting. Source

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