Musa Darwesh (ancestor of Darwesh Khel Wazirs)

Musa Darwesh is ancestor of Darwesh Khel Wazirs. He had two sons Ahmad and Utman (progenitors of Ahmadzai and Utmanzai respectively). In 1911 Sir Denzil Ibbetson reports, “The Ahmadzai Wazirs and others on their way to Birmal leave their superfluous property in the precincts of this shrine and on their return in autumn find it intact. The belief is that any one stealing property thus deposited is immediately struck blind”.

‘ Many stories are told of the miraculous powers of Musa Darwesh, as, for instance: – one day the saint’s brother Isa was grazing his flocks in the hills. There was no water in the neighborhood. Isa and his flock both became parched with thirst. Just then Musa came to his brother’s help and with his stick made a small hole in the ground, covered it with his mantle, and began to pray. After a while he told his brother Isa to remove the mantle. The tradition says that a spring of clear water began to ooze from the hole, at which Isa and his flock quenched their thirst. Musa then closed the hole and the spring dried up. The site of this spring is in the Warmana Nala, close to which are seen two large heaps of stones called the chilas of Musa and Isa. Within the walls of this shrine are three trees, which are believed to be endowed with different miraculous qualities. To embrace the first will give a man a wife ; to climb the second will give him a horse; and to swing from the third will give him a son. Close to the Musa nikka ziarat are two others, known respectively as Shin Starga ziarat and Baghar ziarat. [A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province, 1919, Vol-I]


Ziarat of Musa nikka ,Birmal




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