Various people of NWFP: Afridi, “Afghan”, Mashud, Wazir, Khyberi, Swati, “Tochi”

Various people of NWFP: Afridi, “Afghan”, Mashud, Wazir, Khyberi, Swati, “Tochi”, 1915 (c).

Postcard photo by R.B.Holmes (a Peshawar based photographer).


Some explanation (by the Admin of Tarikh-i-Pakhtunkhwa):

1- Afghan was general term for Pashtun people but R.B.Holmes and some other Britishers in early 20th century, began to apply the term exclusively for the subjects of the Amirs of Kabul/Afghanistan (who at that time was Amir Habibullah). By Afghan here, the photographer means those who had arrived from the Kingdom of Afghanistan to the British-ruled NWFP, for trade purposes or as nomadic migrants.

2- Khyberi, meaning the inhabitant of Khyber Pass, generally referred to Afridis and Shinwaris. The term frequently occurs in 18th and 19th century sources. 

3- Swatis here means the Yousafzais and others of Swat valley. Not to be confused with the Swatis of Hazara division.

4- Tochi is not name of people. Tochi valley is located in North Wazristan and is largely peopled by Dawar tribe of Pashtuns. A river flowing there is also called Tochi which gets referred to as Gambila in Lakki Marwat.

For detailed biographical note on the photographer Randolp Bezzant Holmes, read this interesting piece by Farrukh Husain.

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