Photos of Pashtuns from Waziristan and Kurram (1959)

Photos of Pashtuns belonging to various tribes. From the London Illustrated News (11th February, 1959). Photographs taken by Wilfred Theisger.

A Powindah (nomad) Pashtun boy, 1959. Caption: “With reddish hair and green eyes: A Powindah boy. Many tribesmen have European-type features.”
A Mohmand Pashtun, 1959. Original caption: “Armed and self-reliant: A Pathan boy of a Nomad section of the Mohmands, west of Kabul”.
A Turi Pashtun boy, 1959. Original caption: “From a Kurram village near the Afghan-Pakistan border : A Pathan boy of the Turi tribe”
A Suleiman Khel Pashtun, 1959. Original caption: “Migrating seasonally to and from Afghanistan : A Powindah tribesman of the Suleiman Khel
Pashtun of Waziristan
A Wazir Pashtun, 1059. Original caption: “One of a fierce non-migratory tribe: A Wazir of the tribal areas of Pakistan”
Mahsud tribe
A Mahsud boy, 1959. Original caption: ” A Mahsud boy in southern Waziristan, a tribal area in the North-West Frontier Province.”
Turi tribe Pashtun
A Pashtun boy from the Kurram valley, 1959. Original caption: “From the Kurram valley, in the North-West Frontier of Pakistan : A Pathan boy”
A Powindah Pashtun nomad in the Kurram valley, 1959
A Kochi pashtun
A Powindah Pashtun boy, 1959
Kochi Afghan kids
Young Kochis or Nomad Pashtuns of the Ala-Al-Din Khel tribe, 1959.
Waziristan tribes
A young Wazir Pashtun boy, 1959. Original caption: “A young Wazir, revealing the European-type features frequently found in the hill tribes”

Wazir Pashtun

Mahsud from Waziristan
A Mahsud tribesman, 1959. Original caption: “Suspicious and alert because he is outside his own territory: A Mahsud boy in the black turban commonly worn by his tribe”. “The British army in India before the partition was well acquainted with the fighting qualities of the Mahsuds and Wazirs. These two tribes have long produced men who are among the finest fighters in the world, and Englishmen who have been in action against them will remember their skill with admiration….”
A Mahsud from Waziristan
A Mahsud Pashtun from South Waziristan, 1959. Original caption: “A member of the one of the finest fighting tribes in the world: an elderly Mahsud warrior from Southern Waziristan.”

Waziristan tribesmen

Photos courtesy: Pashtun_archives

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