Photos of Pashtuns from Waziristan and Kurram (1959)

Photos of Pashtuns belonging to various tribes. From the London Illustrated News (11th February, 1959). Photographs taken by Wilfred Theisger.

A Powindah (nomad) Pashtun boy, 1959. Caption: “With reddish hair and green eyes: A Powindah boy. Many tribesmen have European-type features.”
A Mohmand Pashtun, 1959. Original caption: “Armed and self-reliant: A Pathan boy of a Nomad section of the Mohmands, west of Kabul”.
A Turi Pashtun boy, 1959. Original caption: “From a Kurram village near the Afghan-Pakistan border : A Pathan boy of the Turi tribe”
A Suleiman Khel Pashtun, 1959. Original caption: “Migrating seasonally to and from Afghanistan : A Powindah tribesman of the Suleiman Khel
Pashtun of Waziristan
A Wazir Pashtun, 1059. Original caption: “One of a fierce non-migratory tribe: A Wazir of the tribal areas of Pakistan”
Mahsud tribe
A Mahsud boy, 1959. Original caption: ” A Mahsud boy in southern Waziristan, a tribal area in the North-West Frontier Province.”
Turi tribe Pashtun
A Pashtun boy from the Kurram valley, 1959. Original caption: “From the Kurram valley, in the North-West Frontier of Pakistan : A Pathan boy”
A Powindah Pashtun nomad in the Kurram valley, 1959
A Kochi pashtun
A Powindah Pashtun boy, 1959
Kochi Afghan kids
Young Kochis or Nomad Pashtuns of the Ala-Al-Din Khel tribe, 1959.
Waziristan tribes
A young Wazir Pashtun boy, 1959. Original caption: “A young Wazir, revealing the European-type features frequently found in the hill tribes”

Wazir Pashtun

Mahsud from Waziristan

A Mahsud from Waziristan
A Mahsud Pashtun from South Waziristan, 1959. Original caption: “A member of the one of the finest fighting tribes in the world: an elderly Mahsud warrior from Southern Waziristan.”

Waziristan tribesmen

Photos courtesy: Pashtun_archives

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