The mention of the term “Pakhtunkhwa” in historical sources

Akhund Darweza’s (d. 1638) in his book ‘Makhzanul Islam’ (written between 1603 and 1612), mentions the term Pakhtunkhwa or Pashtunkhwa as follows:

پښتونخوا په مثال شپه وه، دې ډيوه وه په اندهير کښې

(Translation: Pakhtunkhwa was like a night and he [Pir Baba Syed Ali Termezi] was like a candle).

Khushal Khan Khattak, a contemporay of Aurangzeb Alamgir, has also mentioned Pakhtunkhwa in his poetry as follows:

نوره واړه پښتونخوا په ځائي مېشتۀ وه
خو يو زه دې زمانې په کښې منصور کړم

(Translation: The whole Pakhtunkhwa stood in its place, only I was made Mansur by time)

Ahmad Shah Durrani (1723-1773), mentions Pakhtunkhwa as his homeland as follows:

د ډیلي تخت هېرومه چې رایاد کړم

زما د ښکلې پښتونخوا د غرو سرونه

(Translation: I forget my Delhi throne when I recall the beautiful mountain peaks of Pakhtunkhwa)

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