Bairam Khan and Sher Shah Sur

Sher Shah Sur appear as a pathetic villain in an Indian TV series which is about life of Mughal emperor Akbar. This scene in which Bairam Khan (a general of Humayun and Akbar) embarrasses Sher Shah, is fictional and is not recorded in history. According to Tarikh-i-Shershahi, Sher Shah had to spare the life of Bairam Khan because he had taken refuge in the house of an Afghan and was protected in accordance with Pashtunwali. The Afghan who provided him asylum in his house was Isa Khan Sarwani. Bairam Khan was eternally grateful to him. Later when Mughal came back to power and Afghans were on the run, Bairam Khan once remarked about Isa Khan Sarwani, “He saved my life; if he will come to me, i shall feel myself honoured. If i cannot give him more than Sher Shah , I at least will give him his own Sambhal “. When 90-years old Isa Khan was informed of this, he rejected the offer. He considered it beneath his dignity to obtain help from a Mughal.


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