Interesting historical tidbits about Sher Shah Sur

 1- I will start by pointing out that the correct spelling of Sher Shah’s tribal surname is Sur (سور), not Suri (سوري). This error was originally made by early European writers and repeated by others. In all the pre-modern inscriptions and sources, the nisba of Sher Shah is written as Sur. It is also spelled as … Read more

Sher Khan Sur’s capture of Rohtasgarh fort through stratagem (late 16th century painting)

Sher Khan Sur’s capture of Rohtasgarh fort in 1539 A.D. Ascribed to the artists La’l, Dhanu and Khem Karan, leaf from the ‘third’ Akbarnama, Mughal India, circa 1595-1600 A.D. This skillfully designed painting illustrates part of the Sher Khan Afghan’s campaign against the Sultan of Bengal and against Humayun when he attempted to interfere. Sher … Read more

South or Humayun gate of Purana Qila in Delhi, constructed by a Lohani Pashtun

According to the Persian inscription on the site, South or Humayun gate of Purana Qila in Delhi was completed in the year 950 Hijri (1543) during the reign of Sher Shah Sur by the order of Ghazi Khan Lohani (Pashtun). Translation of the partially faded inscription: (1) ” The gate of the peaceful valley was completed … Read more

Shaikh Jamaluddin Kasi (a 16th century Pashtun saint)

Shaikh Jamaluddin Kasi was a 16th century Pashtun saint of Chishti order. He enjoyed considerable respect from his own Kasi tribe as well as other Pashtun tribes. In his early life he held a high post in the government under Sher Shah Sur (c.1486-1545). After the downfall of the Pashtuns in India and restoration of … Read more

Mir Chakar Rind : separating fiction from history

Mir Chakar Rind is referred to as “King of Baluchistan” and epithet of “the great” is attached to his name in some of the modern writings. However, a careful study of history shows that Chakar Rind was no king, and legends and fictions are being masqueraded as history. Even going by the Baloch legends and folklore, Chakar … Read more

Malot fort in India, a 15th century fort built by a Pashtun

  Ruins of Malot fort on hill top (Hoshiarpur district, Indian Punjab). Source   Malot fort was founded in the reign of Sultan Bahlul Lodi by Tatar Khan Yousaf Khel Lodi. [1]. Ghazi Khan Lodi, son of Daulat Khan Lodi (Sikandar and Ibrahim Lodi’s governor of Punjab) possessed a library of valuable books at Malot … Read more

Bairam Khan and Sher Shah Sur

Sher Shah Sur appear as a pathetic villain in an Indian TV series which is about life of Mughal emperor Akbar. This scene in which Bairam Khan (a general of Humayun and Akbar) embarrasses Sher Shah, is fictional and is not recorded in history. According to Tarikh-i-Shershahi, Sher Shah had to spare the life of … Read more

Postal system of Sher Shah Sur

The institution of Dak-Chowki of Alauddin Khilji was only of a military character and was for quick communication between his field armies and his capital. Sikandar Lodi later revived this system in improved form, developing it into a permanent institution for use in military as well as civil affairs. But Sher Shah Sur’s mail system was … Read more