Sher Khan Sur’s capture of Rohtasgarh fort through stratagem (late 16th century painting)

Sher Khan Sur’s capture of Rohtasgarh fort in 1539 A.D. Ascribed to the artists La’l, Dhanu and Khem Karan, leaf from the ‘third’ Akbarnama, Mughal India, circa 1595-1600 A.D. This skillfully designed painting illustrates part of the Sher Khan Afghan’s campaign against the Sultan of Bengal and against Humayun when he attempted to interfere. Sher … Read more

Darya Khan Daudzai

Darya Khan Daudzai was a horse trader from a village near Peshawar who later joined Mughal service and became a high ranking Mughal mansabdar. In 1630 he joined the rebellion of Khan Jahan Lodi for the restoration of Pashtun rule in India. Their efforts did not meet with success and they suffered defeats at the … Read more

Daud Shah Karrani as depicted in the 16th century Mughal paintings

Karrani Sultanate, which comprised of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand at its peak, was founded by Taj Khan Karrani. The latter was succeeded by his brother Suleiman Karrani. Both were previously high-ranking nobles of Sher Shah Sur and Islam Shah Sur. Karranis (the proper word is Karlanri (کرلاڼي) in Pashto) are a group of Pashtun tribes … Read more

Karrapa disaster : Aimal Khan Mohmand defeats Mughals [1674]

In 1672 a general Pashtun uprising broke out against the Mughals. After suffering several reverses, Emperor Aurangzeb sent Shujaat Khan, who had recently made the name for himself by quelling Satnami rising in Punjab, with abundant war material and artillery to punish the Pashtuns (14th November 1673). Jaswant Singh was to cooperate with him. Shujaat Khan … Read more

When Orakzais defeated the Mughal army in Tirah (The battle of Sampagha pass, 1619 AD)

In the latter part of sixteenth century, Bayazid Ansari alias Pir-i-Roshan made Tirah his stronghold. The Roshniyas lived among the Orakzai, partly with the Ismailzai and Lashkarzai and partly in the Mastura valley with the Daulatzai. Orakzais fought on the side of Jalala (son of Pir Roshan) against the Mughals. Jalala was succeeded by his … Read more

When Pashtun tribesmen wiped out an entire Mughal army in the Khyber Pass (1672)

By Barmazid  In 1672 AD, a small incident triggered a huge war in Pakhtunkhwa. In that year some Mughal troops stationed in Kunar insulted a Parachi woman who was there to sell and buy. Some Pashtun men belonging to Safi tribe witnessed that and killed those troops for insulting that woman. Hussain Beg Khan, the … Read more

The perilous and painful march of Man Singh Kachwaha through Khyber Pass

In 1586 Mohmands and other Ghoria-Khels acknowledged Jalala (son of Pir Roshan) as their leader and rose in revolt against Mughals. They invested the Bala Hissar of Peshawar. Sayyid Hamid, who was faujdar of Peshawar, sallied forth from the fort and engaged in combat with Ghoria Khels but he got killed.  Raja Man Singh, the celebrated general … Read more

Pashtun–Mughal War (1672–1677)

In 1672 some soldiers of Hussain Beg Khan, the Mughal faujdar of Kunar, insulted a Parachi women affiliated to Safi tribe, which infuriated the Safi tribe who killed the culprit Mughal soldiers. Hussain Beg Khan retaliated by attacking and plundering the Safi territory. This incident led to a great Pashtun revolt against Mughals. Mughal force … Read more