Ajab Khan Afridi – excerpt from “And Then the Pathan Murders”

Ajab Khan – Amazing outlaw (Excerpt from “And then the Pathan murders” by Muhammad Ali) “Ajab Khan and his brother—Shahzada—sons of Sher Dil of Bosti Khel (sub-section of Afridi tribe) lived alongwith their mother in Jawaki a village in Tribal Area a few miles west of the Kohat-Peshawar Road. His father had died a few … Read more

Paolo Avitabile – The face of the brutal Sikh occupation of Peshawar

      By Nafees Ur Rehman His gruesome punishments and ruthless ‘justice’ drove half of the population of Peshawar away from the city. Here we look at his career as a Governor of Peshawar. The end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 left many war veterans without job assignments, and some of those veterans, … Read more

Qambar Khel Afridis

“Khan Baz, A Kumbhur Khel Afreedi” From “Men of different Afghan tribes: portraits by our special artist”, The Illustrated London News, April 19, 1879.   The Kambar Khels, along with the Malikdin Khels, descended from Mir Ahmad, grandson of Oala Khan. They are settled in the Maidan of Tirah, the Bara, and the Khajuri valleys. … Read more

Pashtunistan of the Faqir of Ipi

On 12th May 1948, the Mirza Ali Khan alias Faqir of Ipi published and issued an anti-Pakistan poster from his headquarters, at Gurweik. In the poster he claimed that “Pakistan was a creation of the British and Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a British agent”. He further declared that “he would start an operation against the … Read more

Ajab Khan Afridi

(Excerpts from “History of the Pathans, by Haroon Rashid, Vol-4, pp-281-284) At the end of 3rd Anglo-Afghan war due to increasing British influence in the area, small anti-British gangs in the Afridi, Shinwari and Mohmand tribes had cropped up. The Afridi gang, comprising of Bosti Khel Afridis of Kohat pass, indulged in raids and forays … Read more

Afridi tribe

Afridi or Apridi (singular -ay), designation of a major Pashtun tribe in northwest Pakistan, with a few members in Afghanistan. The Afridi form part of the Karlanri group of tribes. Their eponymous ancestor is supposed to have been a certain Faridun, a descendant of Karlan (whence the Karlani lineage) through Mani (or Manay?) and Koday … Read more

When Pashtun tribesmen wiped out an entire Mughal army in the Khyber Pass (1672)

By Barmazid  In 1672 AD, a small incident triggered a huge war in Pakhtunkhwa. In that year some Mughal troops stationed in Kunar insulted a Parachi woman who was there to sell and buy. Some Pashtun men belonging to Safi tribe witnessed that and killed those troops for insulting that woman. Hussain Beg Khan, the … Read more

History of Tirahis (Dardic people)

The Tirahis are Dardic people who once populated the whole Tirah valley. They were driven out of Tirah by Bayazid Ansari, the Pir-i-Roshan, in 16th century and their lands were given to Afridis and Orakzais. At the present day the chief seat of the Tirahi is in the Kotrud valley of the Shinwari country in … Read more

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948: On October 22, 1947, Pashtun tribesmen entered Kashmir from Pakistan, in response to the mass killing of Muslims in Jammu and in support of insurgents of Poonch, with logistical support from the Government of Pakistan. On October 24, the insurgents in Poonch formally declared independence as the state … Read more