‘A boy across the river’ – a couplet falsely attributed to Khushal Khan Khattak

Chasing a boy across the river By Dr.Nafees Ur Rehman Last summer, I was reading the memoirs of Major Maurice Patrick O’Connor Tandy, who had worked for the British-Raj and was posted Assistant Commissioner Kohat through1940-41. In this book THIM DAYS IS GONE, I came across a love-song Zakhmi Sandara which he says was being … Read more

Khattak horsemen

  Khattak horsemen as described in 17th century by their chieftain Khushal Khan Khattak in his poetry: خټک چه به اس سور شي درسته وتړی په کونه شمله ډ دستار پريږدي په ټڼدي کښي اوږده پلنه “A Khattak, when he mounts on horse-back, Binds his shield upon his back ; Lets loose the end of … Read more

History of Tirahis (Dardic people)

The Tirahis are Dardic people who once populated the whole Tirah valley. They were driven out of Tirah by Bayazid Ansari, the Pir-i-Roshan, in 16th century and their lands were given to Afridis and Orakzais. At the present day the chief seat of the Tirahi is in the Kotrud valley of the Shinwari country in … Read more