Shahzada Sultan Jan Saddozai, Kurram valley, 1878

  Original caption: “Shahzada Sultan Jan of Kurram valley and Nawabs”. Shahzada Sultan Jan Saddozai was sixth in descent from Ahmad Shah Durrani. Shahzada Hassad, grandson of Timur Shah Durrani, fled to Peshawar around 1830 AD and sought the protection of Ranjit Singh. His son Shahzada Jumhoor (father of Shahzada Sultan Jan) took the side … Read more

Shinwari tribe

Shinwaraey was the son of Kasi. It is not known when they got separated from the parent tribe. Notwithstanding, their genetic link with the Kasis, they are known as an independent tribe. In sixteenth century, they along with the Ghoria Khels moved eastwards and ousted the Gigyanis, Tarklanris, and Muhammadzai from Ningarhar. In Afghanistan where … Read more

Khattak horsemen

  Khattak horsemen as described in 17th century by their chieftain Khushal Khan Khattak in his poetry: خټک چه به اس سور شي درسته وتړی په کونه شمله ډ دستار پريږدي په ټڼدي کښي اوږده پلنه “A Khattak, when he mounts on horse-back, Binds his shield upon his back ; Lets loose the end of … Read more