The British practice of burning the dead bodies of Pashtun Ghazis

Burning the body of a Ghazi assassin outside the Peshawar Gate, Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Second Anglo-Afghan War, illustration from the magazine The Graphic , volume XIX, no 480, February 8, 1879 1890: Zhob expedition ; “This morning punishment by hanging was meted out to a Ghazi at Apozai. It appears that, having said his prayers, he … Read more

Khattak horsemen

  Khattak horsemen as described in 17th century by their chieftain Khushal Khan Khattak in his poetry: خټک چه به اس سور شي درسته وتړی په کونه شمله ډ دستار پريږدي په ټڼدي کښي اوږده پلنه “A Khattak, when he mounts on horse-back, Binds his shield upon his back ; Lets loose the end of … Read more