History of the Orakzai tribe

Origin legend According to the legends prevalent amongst the Orakzai elders, Tirah was formerly occupied by the Hindu non-Pashtun race, called the Tirahis whose descendants are, to this day, found in some villages as ‘Hamsaya‘ (dependents) of the Orakzai. Tirahis were ruled by different rajas whose names can still be traced in several places in … Read more

A heroic Orakzai Pashtun who saved the lives of thousands of Muslims from a genocidal maniac

In 1709, a sudden calamity fell upon Punjab, which shocked everyone in the Mughal empire. A Sikh leader by name of Banda Singh Bairagi (mentioned as “false Guru” in Mughal sources) committed barbarities which were never before heard of in India. The author of “Siar-ul-Mutakhireen” (written in 1780) writes: ” He (Guru Gobind) was succeeded by … Read more

When Orakzais defeated the Mughal army in Tirah (The battle of Sampagha pass, 1619 AD)

In the latter part of sixteenth century, Bayazid Ansari alias Pir-i-Roshan made Tirah his stronghold. The Roshniyas lived among the Orakzai, partly with the Ismailzai and Lashkarzai and partly in the Mastura valley with the Daulatzai. Orakzais fought on the side of Jalala (son of Pir Roshan) against the Mughals. Jalala was succeeded by his … Read more

History of Tirahis (Dardic people)

The Tirahis are Dardic people who once populated the whole Tirah valley. They were driven out of Tirah by Bayazid Ansari, the Pir-i-Roshan, in 16th century and their lands were given to Afridis and Orakzais. At the present day the chief seat of the Tirahi is in the Kotrud valley of the Shinwari country in … Read more

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948: On October 22, 1947, Pashtun tribesmen entered Kashmir from Pakistan, in response to the mass killing of Muslims in Jammu and in support of insurgents of Poonch, with logistical support from the Government of Pakistan. On October 24, the insurgents in Poonch formally declared independence as the state … Read more

Historical reliability and authenticity of the details concerning the Battle of Saragarhi (1897)

In 1897 there was a great uprising of Pashtuns against the British occupiers in which an outpost called Saragarhi (in Orakzai district), manned by 21 Sikh soldiers of the British-Indian army, was attacked by a lashkar of local Pashtun freedom fighters. The latter bravely climbed the ascent despite of being fired upon from the top … Read more