Some of the disciples of Guru Nanak were Pashtuns ?

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was a contemporary of Bahlul Lodi, Sikandar Lodi and Ibrahim Lodi. It appears that some of the disciples of Guru Nanak were Pashtuns, as corroborated by the following anecdote recorded in “Tazkira-i Pir Hassu Teli” of Surat Singh (completed in 1647 AD). Guru Nanak was born and raised in the … Read more

Guru Nanak was storekeeper of the Daulat Khan Lodi’s grain before 1526

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was a contemporary of Bahlul Lodi, Sikandar Lodi and Ibrahim Lodi. He served as storekeeper of the Daulat Khan Lodi’s grain before 1526. The author of Dabistan-i-Mazahib (written in 1655), writes:  “Nanak was a Bedi, and the Bedis are a sub-caste of the Khatris. He acquired repute during the reign of … Read more

Paolo Avitabile – The face of the brutal Sikh occupation of Peshawar

      By Nafees Ur Rehman His gruesome punishments and ruthless ‘justice’ drove half of the population of Peshawar away from the city. Here we look at his career as a Governor of Peshawar. The end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 left many war veterans without job assignments, and some of those veterans, … Read more

Sikhs adopted blue coloured dress to pay homage to Pashtuns

A group of blue-clad Pashtuns left a lasting impression on Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708), to the extent that the latter made it compulsory for his followers to wear blue dress in homage to those Pashtuns. According to Siyar-ul-Mutakherin, once when Guru Gobind Singh (the founder of Khalsa) was hunted down by Mughal troops, he found … Read more

The battle of Saragarhi – The cover-up of a failure marketed as a brave sacrifice

By Nafees Ur Rehman Looks like the movie Kesari, Kesari Trailer got it all wrong with who were the invaders and who were the defenders. Pashtuns were defending their land and INVADERS were the British-Indian army. I think it should not be that hard to understand. Pashtuns numbering 10,000 is unsubstantiated. Please go to the … Read more

“Chup sha, Hari Singh raghlay” (stay quiet, Hari Singh is coming)

On twitter Salman Rashid, a retired fauji and a travel-writer, got overwhelmed by ethnic emotions and hailed Hari Singh Nalwa as follow:- He conjures up a lie that Pashtun mothers were hushing their kids with the name of Hari Singh in Kohat as late as 1960s (1). Hari Singh neither governed Kohat nor he ever stepped … Read more

History of the Tanoli tribe of Hazara

Majority of the Tanolis (or Tanaolis) insist on being of Pashtun origin but their rulers have accounted themselves to be of Barlas Mughal origin. Tanoli or Tanawali is actually an adjective denoting their abode Tanawal. They are divided into two divisions, Pul-Al and Hando-Al, the former occupies Lower Tunawal, and the latter occupy Upper Tunawal … Read more

A heroic Orakzai Pashtun who saved the lives of thousands of Muslims from a genocidal maniac

In 1709, a sudden calamity fell upon Punjab, which shocked everyone in the Mughal empire. A Sikh leader by name of Banda Singh Bairagi (mentioned as “false Guru” in Mughal sources) committed barbarities which were never before heard of in India. The author of “Siar-ul-Mutakhireen” (written in 1780) writes: ” He (Guru Gobind) was succeeded by … Read more