Guru Nanak was storekeeper of the Daulat Khan Lodi’s grain before 1526

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was a contemporary of Bahlul Lodi, Sikandar Lodi and Ibrahim Lodi. He served as storekeeper of the Daulat Khan Lodi’s grain before 1526. The author of Dabistan-i-Mazahib (written in 1655), writes:

 “Nanak was a Bedi, and the Bedis are a sub-caste of the Khatris. He acquired repute during the reign of his majesty King Firdaus Makani Zahiruddin Babur. Before the victory of Firdaus Makani over the Afghans, he was a modi (storekeeper) of Daulat Khan Lodi, who was one of the greatest nobles of Ibrahim Khan, the ruler of India. The mystical spirit came over him and acquired power over his heart. Thereupon he went to the shop, and whatever of his own grain and of Daulat Khan he had in the shop or in his house, he gave away, and broke the ties with his wife and children. Daulat Khan was astonished on hearing the news. [But] when he found Nanak to be under mystical influence, he refrained from injuring him”. [translated by Irfan Habib].

Guru Nanak



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