“Chup sha, Hari Singh raghlay” (stay quiet, Hari Singh is coming)

On twitter Salman Rashid, a retired fauji and a travel-writer, got overwhelmed by ethnic emotions and hailed Hari Singh Nalwa as follow:- He conjures up a lie that Pashtun mothers were hushing their kids with the name of Hari Singh in Kohat as late as 1960s (1). Hari Singh neither governed Kohat nor he ever stepped … Read more

History of Bala Hissar (Peshawar)

Bala Hissar means high fort in Persian. There are several other forts which are also named Bala Hissar. It is unknown as to when the Bala Hissar of Peshawar was erected. Chinese pilgrim, Hiuen Tsang makes a reference to it in 7th century AD when he uses the term “Kung shing” in the description of … Read more

History of Jamrud Fort

Jamrud is compound of two words; ‘Jam’ and ‘Rud’. Jam or Jamshed is a legendary king of Iran who is mentioned in Shahnama of Ferdosi. Rud means river in Farsi. So Jamrud means the river of Jamshed. Dr.D.B.Spooner writes. “I had the pleasure of going up to Ali Masjid in the Khyber in the spring … Read more

The humiliating defeat of Hari Singh Nalwa at the hands of Mashwanis and Saidkhanis

The following account of the humiliating defeat of Hari Singh Nalwa at the hands of Mashwanis and Said Khanis is drawn from (1) an eyewitness account “Tawarikh-i-Hazara” by Lala Mehtab Singh (written in 1846); the extracts from which are translated into Urdu by Sher Bahadur Khan Panni in his book “Tarikh-i-Hazara” (pp.56-59). Mehtab Singh was … Read more