History of the Utman Khel tribe (اتمان خیل)

Utman Khels are Karlanri Pashtuns whose territory lies between Swat and Bajaur. According to a local legend the Utman Khels are the descendants of Baba Utman, a follower of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni.  It is said that their original abode was in the mountains about Tank and Gomal from which they moved away in early … Read more

Mullagori tribe

Mullagori tribe is found in the Mullagori tehsil of the Khyber district . The author of Hayat-i-Afghani writes: “The Mullagori clan, with its four sub-divisions of Pahar-Khel, Tar-Khel, Ahmad-Khel and Daulat-Khel, is held by some not to be of Afghan stock at all. Its ancestor, say these, was a stranger who attached himself to the … Read more

History of Bala Hissar (Peshawar)

Bala Hissar means high fort in Persian. There are several other forts which are also named Bala Hissar. It is unknown as to when the Bala Hissar of Peshawar was erected. Chinese pilgrim, Hiuen Tsang makes a reference to it in 7th century AD when he uses the term “Kung shing” in the description of … Read more

History the Dilazak tribe of Pashtuns

Dilazak (or Dalazak) Pashtuns of Karlanri division are said to have occupied Peshawar valley in 11th century. Dilazaks have tradition that when they first into Peshawar valley, they found red-complexioned Kafirs there. It is said that when Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni led his famous expedition against Somnath, he was joined by a large contingent of … Read more

Gaju Khan Yousafzai

Gaju Khan (ګجو خان) was a powerful Pashtun chieftain who headed the Yousafzai and the vassal tribes in mid-16 century and controlled large swathes of what is now Northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Henry George Raverty states that if there was one Pashtun chief who from the extent of his territory, the number of his troops and … Read more

Khalil Tribe

Ghoria Khel tribes 1- Khalil 2- Mohmand 3- Daudzai 4- Chamkani 5- Ziranis (extinct) Khalil Khalil was the eldest son of Ghoraey by his first wife . Khalil married Zarkhanda and by her had a so named Umar who was known as Shaikh Umar because of his religious nature. Umar had three sons, Yaqun, Yousaf … Read more