The so called “Sandalwood gates of the Somnath temple”

1842 (c): The painting by James Atkinson showing the door which was removed from the mausoleum of Sultan Mahmood of Ghazni by the British invaders. The latter believed it to be “sandalwood gates of Somnath temple”. British invaders desecrated the tomb and removed the door in 1842 to restore their injured pride and ego, to … Read more

History the Dilazak tribe of Pashtuns

Dilazak (or Dalazak) Pashtuns of Karlanri division are said to have occupied Peshawar valley in 11th century. Dilazaks have tradition that when they first into Peshawar valley, they found red-complexioned Kafirs there. It is said that when Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni led his famous expedition against Somnath, he was joined by a large contingent of … Read more

Mahmud of Ghazni and Pashtuns

Ghaznavid sultanate was the first Muslim Turkish dynasty. The founders of this power were Turkic slave commanders from Central Asia in the service of Samanid empire of Khorasan (Persian dynasty). One of the Turkic slave Alptagin dispossessed indigenous rulers of Ghazni (the Lawiks) and ruled Ghazni as nominal vassals of Samanid empire. Sebuktagin, the fifth … Read more