Origin of the Tughlaq sultans of India; their connection to present-day Afghanistan

The Tughlaq Sultans who ruled India in 14th century, were from that part of Khurasan which is now western Afghanistan.  They belonged to the Qarauna/Negudari tribe of Mongols, spoke Mongolian, and were related to but distinct from Hazaras. Tughlaq was not the name of their tribe but the name of the founder of the dynasty … Read more

Mahmud of Ghazni and Pashtuns

Ghaznavid sultanate was the first Muslim Turkish dynasty. The founders of this power were Turkic slave commanders from Central Asia in the service of Samanid empire of Khorasan (Persian dynasty). One of the Turkic slave Alptagin dispossessed indigenous rulers of Ghazni (the Lawiks) and ruled Ghazni as nominal vassals of Samanid empire. Sebuktagin, the fifth … Read more