Mir Chakar Rind : separating fiction from history

Mir Chakar Rind is referred to as “King of Baluchistan” and epithet of “the great” is attached to his name in some of the modern writings. However, a careful study of history shows that Chakar Rind was no king, and legends and fictions are being masqueraded as history. Even going by the Baloch legends and folklore, Chakar … Read more

Sayyids of Kunar

Sayyids of Kunar: For centuries the long and narrow valley of Kunar with Pashat as its main town had been ruled by a Pashtunized Sayyid family of Arab descent. They were descendants of Sayyid Ali Tirmizi, popularly referred to as Pir Baba by Pashtuns. The latter had accompanied Zahir al-Din Babur from Tirmiz. His shrine … Read more

Shah Tahmasp’s advice to Humayun on Pashtuns and Rajputs

Tahmasp I (1514 – 1576) was an influential Shah of Iran of the Safavid dynasty. After getting defeated by Sher Shah Sur, Humayun sought refuge with Shah Tahmasp. Zakhirat-ul-Khawanin (Eng.trans, Vol-I, pp-103-104) records an interesting conversation that took place between Humayun and Shah Tahmasp: Shah Tahmasp: “Among Indian which class commands the obedience of big … Read more

Safdar Khan Babi

This large and imposing painting, of circa 1790-1810, depicts the Afghan nobleman of Mughal empire, Safdar Khan Babi. The painting is inscribed to the top in black nasta‘liq against scrolling white clouds, the letters intermingled with diagonal flights of birds. . The inscription may be partially read as follows: J(?)…. khan ji al-mukhatab be-safdar khan bahadur babi ‘alamgir … Read more

History the Dilazak tribe of Pashtuns

Dilazak (or Dalazak) Pashtuns of Karlanri division are said to have occupied Peshawar valley in 11th century. Dilazaks have tradition that when they first into Peshawar valley, they found red-complexioned Kafirs there. It is said that when Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni led his famous expedition against Somnath, he was joined by a large contingent of … Read more

Khalil Tribe

Ghoria Khel tribes 1- Khalil 2- Mohmand 3- Daudzai 4- Chamkani 5- Ziranis (extinct) Khalil Khalil was the eldest son of Ghoraey by his first wife . Khalil married Zarkhanda and by her had a so named Umar who was known as Shaikh Umar because of his religious nature. Umar had three sons, Yaqun, Yousaf … Read more