History of Shabqadar

Shabqadar town Shabqadar is a town about 30 kilometers north of Peshawar, in Charsadda District. Bahlol Gigyani founded Shabqadr. According to the greybeards of the tribe,  Bahlol laid the foundation of the settlement on Shab-i-Barat i.e 14th of Shaaban, hence the name of the town. Initially it was located in Dheri Dari Sarah. Subsequently, the daughter … Read more

History the Dilazak tribe of Pashtuns

Dilazak (or Dalazak) Pashtuns of Karlanri division are said to have occupied Peshawar valley in 11th century. Dilazaks have tradition that when they first into Peshawar valley, they found red-complexioned Kafirs there. It is said that when Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni led his famous expedition against Somnath, he was joined by a large contingent of … Read more