Interesting historical tidbits about Sher Shah Sur

 1- I will start by pointing out that the correct spelling of Sher Shah’s tribal surname is Sur (سور), not Suri (سوري). This error was originally made by early European writers and repeated by others. In all the pre-modern inscriptions and sources, the nisba of Sher Shah is written as Sur. It is also spelled as … Read more

Mir Chakar Rind : separating fiction from history

Mir Chakar Rind is referred to as “King of Baluchistan” and epithet of “the great” is attached to his name in some of the modern writings. However, a careful study of history shows that Chakar Rind was no king, and legends and fictions are being masqueraded as history. Even going by the Baloch legends and folklore, Chakar … Read more

Balochs, Surajmal Jat and Najib ad-Dawlah

After Panipat war of 1761, Najib Khan Yousafzai, entitled Najib ad-Dawlah, became the regent of Delhi. Najib’s Baloch proteges formed a line of defence along the south-western frontier of his domain. The Baloch settlements were in the modern Rohtak district, — such as Jhajhar, Bahadurgarh, Farrukhnagar and Tauru — the petty Barons of which clung … Read more

Khajjak tribe

According to Makhzan-i-Afghani of Naimatullah Haravi [composed in 1612 A.D], Khajak was one of the 18 sons of Panni, son of Dani, son of Ghurghusht. The Khajjaks and some of the Panni clans have been invariably mistaken by the British writers for the Kakars. Charles Masson turns the Khajjaks into a Baloch tribe. The Khajaks … Read more

When Kakar Pashtuns wiped out the entire Baloch army of Mir Naseer Khan of Kalat

In 18th century, a chieftain of the Kakar Pashtuns managed to wipe out entire Baloch army of Mir Naseer Khan of Kalat in circa 1867, an incident very similar to the destruction of Mughal armies in the hills of Pakhtunkhwa in 16th and 17th centuries. This disaster to Baloch army happened in the Dozakh Tangi … Read more

Jafar tribe of Pashtuns

“The Jafars are a small Sarbani Pathan tribe, descended from Miyana, the brother of Tarin, Shirani, and Barech, and thus connected with the Lunis and Zmarais. They own lands in Musa Khel Tehsil of the Loralai district. With the passage of time the Jafars have acquired a number of Baluch and Jatraki traits and now … Read more