Balochs, Surajmal Jat and Najib ad-Dawlah

After Panipat war of 1761, Najib Khan Yousafzai, entitled Najib ad-Dawlah, became the regent of Delhi. Najib’s Baloch proteges formed a line of defence along the south-western frontier of his domain. The Baloch settlements were in the modern Rohtak district, — such as Jhajhar, Bahadurgarh, Farrukhnagar and Tauru — the petty Barons of which clung … Read more

Rohillas, the Indo-Afghans

Etymologically the word Roh is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit Rohitagiri ( ‘ Red Hill ‘ ). Panini , Sanskrit grammarian , who lived most probably in the fourth century B.C. , informs that Highlanders dwelt on the Rohitagiri. The word Rohitagiri assumed the terminology of Rohi with passage of time and was … Read more

Najib-ud-Daula, a brilliant Yousafzai

(Najib Khan Yousafzai was born about the year 1708 A.D in the village of Maneri in Swabi, about 25 kos from Peshawar. He belonged to the Umar Khel clan of the Sadozi, Utmanzi, Mandanrs) After the Mughals lost their grip over their empire and before British came on the scene, the only serious attempt to … Read more