Jafar tribe of Pashtuns

“The Jafars are a small Sarbani Pathan tribe, descended from Miyana, the brother of Tarin, Shirani, and Barech, and thus connected with the Lunis and Zmarais. They own lands in Musa Khel Tehsil of the Loralai district. With the passage of time the Jafars have acquired a number of Baluch and Jatraki traits and now speak a language that is a mixture of Jatraki and Pashto and is called Jafarki. [Pathans: Compiled Under the Order of the Government of India at the Recruiting Office, Peshawar, 1938]

“They have the Pannis of Isot and Musa Khel branches on the West but on the east and south, the Bozadar Balochs dwell. From the incursions and encroachment of these people, Jafars have suffered, as well as others of the Miyana tribe. In former times, traders used to pass their territory, but the depredations of the Baloch tribes led them to take another route. [“Notes on Afghanistan and part of Baluchistan” by H.G.raverty, p-514]

“Jafar is a weak Pathan tribe, which hold the village of Drug in the pass of that name on the eastern slopes of the Sulieman range. It is an offshoot of the Miana Pathans, being descended from Jafar, one of the thirteen sons of Mianai. With the Jafar are found the Rawani or Rahani sept, descended from a brother of Jafar. Jukes describes the Jafar Pathans as speaking Jatki or western Punjabi.” [A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West , Vol.2, p-339]

“In 1865 the Gorchani Baluchs attacked Jafars. A fierce battle was fought near Nath, where one of their religious leaders Shaikh Muhammad Sulieman Khan, a Jafar of Drug, had settled much earliar. During the battle with Gorchani Baluchs, the locals sided with them and saved them from total destruction and annihilation. The Jafars were, formerly, famous for their liberal hospitality, which is illustrated by a local proverb that the day of judgement (qiamat) will come when the Jafars would cease to be hospitable. ” [“History of the Pathans, Vol-1, p-434]









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