Some of the disciples of Guru Nanak were Pashtuns ?

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was a contemporary of Bahlul Lodi, Sikandar Lodi and Ibrahim Lodi. It appears that some of the disciples of Guru Nanak were Pashtuns, as corroborated by the following anecdote recorded in “Tazkira-i Pir Hassu Teli” of Surat Singh (completed in 1647 AD). Guru Nanak was born and raised in the … Read more

Mir Chakar Rind : separating fiction from history

Mir Chakar Rind is referred to as “King of Baluchistan” and epithet of “the great” is attached to his name in some of the modern writings. However, a careful study of history shows that Chakar Rind was no king, and legends and fictions are being masqueraded as history. Even going by the Baloch legends and folklore, Chakar … Read more

Pir Sabir Shah (the spiritual pir of Ahmad Shah Durrani)

Pir Sabir Shah placing a cluster of wheat on Ahmad Shah Abdali’s turban, proclaiming him as a king. Painting by Ustad Abdul Ghafur Breshna (1907-1974).   Pir Sabir Shah was a dervish and Ahmad Shah Abdali’s spiritual pir. Bayan-i-Waqai mentions Pir Sabir Shah as a son of a farrier of Lahore and mentions Lahore as … Read more