What happened at Baramulla in October 1947?

Inayatullah, a native of Baramulla and eyewitness to the Pashtun invasion of Kashmir in 1947, was interviewed by Andrew Whitehead in 1997. 1-He dismissed the claim of 3,000 people being killed by raiders in Baramulla as false and revealed that few people (non-Muslims) were killed by them.  2- Baramulla was largely empty of people when … Read more

Biography of Rahman Baba (Abdur Rahman Mohmand)

Abdur Rahman Baba belonged to the Baezai division of the Mohmand tribe. Abdur Rahman dwelt in the village of Hazar Khani in the tappa of Mohmands. He was a man of considerable learning, but lived the life of a darvesh, absorbed in religious contemplation separated from the world. He held no greater interaction than necessary … Read more

Shalmani tribe

Shalmanis of Ashnaghar Shalmanis of Ashnaghar were people of Dehgan or Dardic roots, usually but erroneously styled Tajiks. According to Tawarikh-i-Hafiz Rahmat Khani, the original abodes of Shalmanis were Shalman (i.e Shaluzan) and Karman valleys (of present-day Kurram district) which were dependencies of Tirah at that time. They migrated to and settled in Ashanghar on … Read more

Jihad of Haji Sahib of Turangzai and the Mohmand blockade during the First World War

Haji Sahib of Turangzai, after his migration to the Tribal territory, started his Jihad movement against the British. In June 1915 with a lashkar 4,000 strong, he invaded British territory on the north-eastern border of Peshawar. In August 1915, he had raised a laskar in Buner and fought against the British forces at Pirozai, Malandri … Read more

Karrapa disaster : Aimal Khan Mohmand defeats Mughals [1674]

In 1672 a general Pashtun uprising broke out against the Mughals. After suffering several reverses, Emperor Aurangzeb sent Shujaat Khan, who had recently made the name for himself by quelling Satnami rising in Punjab, with abundant war material and artillery to punish the Pashtuns (14th November 1673). Jaswant Singh was to cooperate with him. Shujaat Khan … Read more

When Pashtun tribesmen wiped out an entire Mughal army in the Khyber Pass (1672)

By Barmazid  In 1672 AD, a small incident triggered a huge war in Pakhtunkhwa. In that year some Mughal troops stationed in Kunar insulted a Parachi woman who was there to sell and buy. Some Pashtun men belonging to Safi tribe witnessed that and killed those troops for insulting that woman. Hussain Beg Khan, the … Read more

The Khans of Lalpura (Morcha Khel Mohmands)

The Khan of Lalpura and followers, with political officer, 1878. Photograph by John Burke. Source       The above photo taken in 1878 by John Burke, shows the Khan of Lalpura (Nangarhar province, Afghanistan) and his attendants. His name was Nauroz Khan, and he belonged to the Tarakzai branch of Mohmands. The British officer … Read more

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948: On October 22, 1947, Pashtun tribesmen entered Kashmir from Pakistan, in response to the mass killing of Muslims in Jammu and in support of insurgents of Poonch, with logistical support from the Government of Pakistan. On October 24, the insurgents in Poonch formally declared independence as the state … Read more

Khalil Tribe

Ghoria Khel tribes 1- Khalil 2- Mohmand 3- Daudzai 4- Chamkani 5- Ziranis (extinct) Khalil Khalil was the eldest son of Ghoraey by his first wife . Khalil married Zarkhanda and by her had a so named Umar who was known as Shaikh Umar because of his religious nature. Umar had three sons, Yaqun, Yousaf … Read more