The Khans of Lalpura (Morcha Khel Mohmands)

The Khan of Lalpura and followers, with political officer, 1878. Photograph by John Burke. Source




The above photo taken in 1878 by John Burke, shows the Khan of Lalpura (Nangarhar province, Afghanistan) and his attendants. His name was Nauroz Khan, and he belonged to the Tarakzai branch of Mohmands. The British officer amidst them is Robert Warburton (an Anglo-Afghan).

Like Khushal Khan Khattak’s family, the ancestors of Nauroz Khan were appointed “Khans” and granted jagir by Mughals and had the permission to levy tolls on tracks and rivers passing through their territory. They commanded the fort at Dakka (on western end of Khyber Pass) and were entrusted with protecting the ‘Shah-rah’ (King’s highway) from robbers and raiders. For detailed history of the Khans of Lalpura, read Haroon Rashid’s “History of the Pathans” (Vol-3, p-484).
Kabul River opposite Lalpura village (Nangarhar province) 1878-9. Photo by John Burke. Source


Four sons of Khan of Lalpura with Attendants, c 1878. Photo by John Burke


Four sons of Nowruz Khan, ruler of Lalpura, Afghanistan, 1878. Photo by John Burke. Source


Khan of Lalpura is described as belonging to the ‘Upper Momunds’ (Bar Mohmands). From London Illustrated News, 1879.


‘The meeting between Cavagnari and the Khan of Lalpura at Dakka in February 1879’. Pencil drawing by Frederick Villiers, special artist of the ‘Graphic’. Source


Hassan, a Tajik, attendant of Khan of Lalpura, 1878. Water colour painting by William Simpson. Source


Muhammad Sadik Khan, a Mohmand of Lalpura. From The Illustrated London News, June 21, 1879



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