Sartor faqir (سر تور فقير)

  “Mad Mullah” haranguing Pashtun tribesmen in the Swat valley, 1897. “His standard bears the same insignia as did of Umra Khan in the Chitral campaign, namely a blood-red hand upon a green field”.  From “London Illustrated News”, 18th September 1897.  Artist : Sydney Prior Hall Source

History of the Tanoli tribe of Hazara

Majority of the Tanolis (or Tanaolis) insist on being of Pashtun origin but their rulers have accounted themselves to be of Barlas Mughal origin. Tanoli or Tanawali is actually an adjective denoting their abode Tanawal. They are divided into two divisions, Pul-Al and Hando-Al, the former occupies Lower Tunawal, and the latter occupy Upper Tunawal … Read more

The Khans of Lalpura (Morcha Khel Mohmands)

The Khan of Lalpura and followers, with political officer, 1878. Photograph by John Burke. Source       The above photo taken in 1878 by John Burke, shows the Khan of Lalpura (Nangarhar province, Afghanistan) and his attendants. His name was Nauroz Khan, and he belonged to the Tarakzai branch of Mohmands. The British officer … Read more