Umra Khan of Jandul and a case of blasphemy

In late 19th century, Umra Khan of Jandul (now located in Lower Dir district of KPK) was gaining tremendous power and influence. The growing power of Umra Khan was alarming and worrisome for not only the ‘Khans’ of surrounding regions but also for Amir Abdur Rahman, the ruler of the Kabul kingdom. Amir Abdur Rahman … Read more

Sartor faqir (سر تور فقير)

  “Mad Mullah” haranguing Pashtun tribesmen in the Swat valley, 1897. “His standard bears the same insignia as did of Umra Khan in the Chitral campaign, namely a blood-red hand upon a green field”.  From “London Illustrated News”, 18th September 1897.  Artist : Sydney Prior Hall Source