History of Gor Khatri of Peshawar city

Gor Khuttree is an important monument in the old city of Peshawar. It can be either appraoched from Chowk Yadgar or from Hastnagari Gate. In ancient times it was a Buddhist establishment which later assumed a Hindu character. The earliest account of the site is given by Babur. Both Akbar and Jahangir regard it as a place of jogis (Hindu saints who believe in quiet meditiation). It had become a place of Hindu pilgrimage and its fame had reached far and wide. In the year 1640 AD Jahan Ara Begum, daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, converted the site into Serai Jahanabad and built also a Jami Masjid and a Hammam. During the days of Sikhs the mosque was destroyed, and a temple of Gorakhnath was built on its site. 

Old Peshawar
Gor Kattri, Peshawar city, 1910 (c). Photo by R.B.Holmes.
Gor Khattri



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