Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948: On October 22, 1947, Pashtun tribesmen entered Kashmir from Pakistan, in response to the mass killing of Muslims in Jammu and in support of insurgents of Poonch, with logistical support from the Government of Pakistan. On October 24, the insurgents in Poonch formally declared independence as the state of Azad Kashmir.

The Muslims, who constituted 61 percent of the population of Jammu region, were reduced to a minority after the killings and displacement by Dogra army (and the forces from Patiala Punjab and RSS who were called in). Five days after the Jammu killings, Pashtun tribesmen invaded Kashmir.

Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948
Orakzai tribesmen on their way to fight in Kashmir, 13th November, 1947. Photo by Frank Leeson.
Pashtun tribesmen of Kashmir War of 1948
Tribal irregulars from the North West Frontier bound for Kashmir, 1947. From an album, collated and annotated by Lt Frank Leeson, relates to his service during 1946-1947 with the North Waziristan Khassadars, a force of tribal police engaged in protecting communications and military outposts in the Tribal Territory. Source
afridi kashmir 1947
A gunsmith of small arms factory in Jamrud making an artillery gun for the Kashmir War, December 1947. Photo by Margaret Bourke-White.
Afridi kashmir 1947 1948
November 9, 1947: A Pashtun tribesman with his hands tied behind his back after he was captured near Baramulla in Kashmir. The ammunition and the uniform he is wearing, was perhaps looted from the Dogra State soldiers. Photo by Max Desfor. The three captured Pashtuns (including the one in the photo) were taken to Srinagar and paraded on streets there.
Pathans 1947
Peshawar, December 1947 : Armed Mohmand tribesmen waiting on road between Peshawar and Rawalpindi for their leader Bacha Gul (son of Haji Sahib of Turangzai) to arrive with trucks and extra ammo, to lead them into battle in Kashmir. Photograph by Margaret Bourke-White. On 7 November 1947 there were about 7,000 Pashtuns involved in the Kashmir fighting in one way or another and on all fronts , of which 1,200 were Mohmands. (Reference: George Cunningham’s Diary)
Mohmand Pathan
A Pashtun tribesmen on his way to fight in Kashmir, 1947. Photos taken by Margaret Bourke-White
Pathan raiders Kashmir
A Brigadier of Pakistan army distributing arms to Pashtun fighters during the Kashmir conflict of 1948. 
Pathan tribal kashmir 1947
Late Senator Malik Gulab Khan Mahsud (Sub tribe Ishangi) was chief of Behlolzai tribe. He participated in Kashmir war of 1948 and received Hilal-i-Kashmir and Tamgha-i-Kashmir for his role in that war. Source
Mashuds 1947 1948 Kashmir
Kazi Abdul Sarir (Abakhail) from South Waziristan (Makin) brought 28 fighters to 1947-48 war of Kashmir. He received the title of Sher-i-Kashmir from the Government of Pakistan and a certificate from the Government of Azad Kashmir acknowledging his services. The certificate says he and his men fought well in the battle at Naushera (Kashmir).
Niazi tribe Kashmir
Sanad issued by government of Azad Kashmir to Khalifa Sultan Jan Niazi (Mirali Khel), son of Mullah Nazeem, of Dera Ismail Khan, acknowledging his services in the 1947-48 war of Kashmir. He brought 190 fighters to the war. Photos of his sons.
Pashtun kashmir 1947
A sanad issued by the Government of Azad Kashmir acknowledging the services of Karimullah in 1947-48 War of Kashmir. He was the commander of a force, known as Jamat-i-Naajia, assembled by Haji Muhammad Amin of Umarzai, Charsadda district.
Mohmand tribe
List of Mohmand tribesmen in a lashkar who participated in the Kashmir war of 1947-48 under the leadership of Haji Zareen Khan Halimzai (Ghazi Bhegay). The lashkar was part of the force which attacked Srinagar airport and captured its suburbs from Indian Army. The document is dated November 7, 1947. Via Muhammad Arshad Khan
Niazi tribe history
Risaldar Major Ghulam Rasul Niazi of 15th Lancers of British-Indian army participated in Kashmir war of 1948 and earned the title of Ghazi-i-Kashmir. [“History of the Pathans”, Vol-III, p-383]
Mohmand Kashmir
A certificate issued by the Government of Azad Kashmir acknowledging the services of Malik Haji Bahadur Khan Mohmand of Bar Chinar in the Kashmir War of 1948.Via Shahid Khan Cantt Town

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