Desecration of Pir Roshan’s grave and dead body

Bayazid Ansari (Pir Roshan) died in 1572 AD. Bayazid was followed by his eldest son, Shaikh Umar. Akhund Darweza , along with his followers, continued his opposition, even after the death of Bayazid. He instigated the Gujjars (The Yousafzai’s ‘hamsaya’) against Shaikh Umar. The Gujjars dug out the dead body of Bayazid. Shaikh Umar got timely information and … Read more

Pir Roshan was very fond of Music

Bayazid Ansari or Pir Roshan was very fond of music and used to hold music sessions. According to “Hal-Nama; “One day, he (Bayazid) said to his friends, that God kept two treasures hidden from the Afghans. Through two persons, these treasures have been now revealed to the Afghans; one of the treasures is the oneness of God, that God … Read more

Arzani Kheshgi

  1814’s Water-colour painting by Seeta Ram of Shrine of Arzani Kheshgi in Patna Mullah Arzani Kheshgi was a Pashtun Sufi poet of Roshniya movement and originally belonged to Kasur (Punjab) where Kheshgi tribe of Pashtuns had settled in the times of Babur. Arzani Khesghi belonged to the Zerzai sub-tribe of Kheshgis. He was a … Read more

History of Tirahis (Dardic people)

The Tirahis are Dardic people who once populated the whole Tirah valley. They were driven out of Tirah by Bayazid Ansari, the Pir-i-Roshan, in 16th century and their lands were given to Afridis and Orakzais. At the present day the chief seat of the Tirahi is in the Kotrud valley of the Shinwari country in … Read more

History of Pir Roshan (Bayazid Ansari)

The real name of Pir Roshan was Bayazid Ansari. He was born in Pashtun-ruled Jalandhar (East Punjab, India) in 1524-25 AD. His family was living in both Kaniguram (in modern South Waziristan) and Jalandhar. He has been variously described as an Ormur and Ansari. His father Abdullah was a learned man and was a Qazi … Read more

Akhund Darweza

Akhund Darweza was born about the year 956 of the Hijra (1549 AD) in Peshawar. His father was named Gadayii and his grandfather Sadi. He has been referred to as the founder of a new school of Pushto literature. He was the author of many works in Pukhto and Persian. Darmesteter, the French orientalist, puts … Read more

Rashid Khan Ansari (grandson of Pir Roshan)

Rashid Khan Ansari (Allahdad Khan), a grandson of Bayazid Ansari (Pir Roshan), was one of the important noble of Jehangir and Shah Jahan. When Jalala, the Bayazid Ansari’s son, died in 1601 A.D, he was succeeded by his nephew Ahdad Khan, superseding the right to succession by his son Allahdad Khan. While Ahdad continued his … Read more