Akhund Salak; a Pashtun who converted Kohsitanis (Dardic people) to Islam

In 1908, Stuart Hill Godfrey (the British Political agent for Dir, Swat and Chitral since 1902) toured Dir-Kohistan. The local Kohistanis (who are Dardic people) shared with him their oral traditions and legends. They informed him that eight generations ago their ancestors were converted to Islam by Akhund Salak,  whose descendants for many years took … Read more

Umra Khan of Jandul and fairies of the Kumrat valley

Umra Khan of Jandul and fairies of the Kumrat valley In the last quarter of 19th century, Umra Khan of Jandul, a Pashtun chieftain, garnered fame in the northern districts of Pakhtunkhwa, who had the ability and talent to found a sizable kingdom. He belonged to the Jandul area of present-day Lower Dir district of … Read more

The Jahangiri Sultans of Swat were Dardic people not Tajiks

In an article published on the Friday Times a certain Akhundzada Arif Hasan, asserts that the Jahangiri Sultans who ruled Swat and surrounding areas before the arrival of Yousafzais in early 16th century, were Tajiks (Farsiwans). This an absurd claim and is made based on the loose application of the term ‘Tajik’ and poor understanding of … Read more

History of Tirahis (Dardic people)

The Tirahis are Dardic people who once populated the whole Tirah valley. They were driven out of Tirah by Bayazid Ansari, the Pir-i-Roshan, in 16th century and their lands were given to Afridis and Orakzais. At the present day the chief seat of the Tirahi is in the Kotrud valley of the Shinwari country in … Read more