Pashtunistan of the Faqir of Ipi

On 12th May 1948, the Mirza Ali Khan alias Faqir of Ipi published and issued an anti-Pakistan poster from his headquarters, at Gurweik. In the poster he claimed that “Pakistan was a creation of the British and Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a British agent”. He further declared that “he would start an operation against the … Read more

Faqir of Ipi : Myth and Reality

Author: Dr.Fazlur Rahman (Asst.Professor, GPGC, Mansehra) Today, the name of Ipi is hardly remembered outside the Muslim central Asia and Europe only by any surviving administrators and soldiers who served on the Frontier. The foremost authority on the region, Sir Olaf Caroe’s (1) official correspondence that time was full of the Faqir’s name, but he … Read more