Baitani tribe

Shaikh Baitan Bab, son of Qais, had three sons, namely, Ismail, Warsapoon, and Kajeen and a daughter named Bibi Mato. Saraban, the elder brother of Baitan, adopted Ismail. The progeny of Warsapoon and Kajeen collectively comprise the Baitani tribe and that of their sister Bibi Mato, the Mati tribes. Initially Baitanis were settled on the … Read more

Pashtunistan of the Faqir of Ipi

On 12th May 1948, the Mirza Ali Khan alias Faqir of Ipi published and issued an anti-Pakistan poster from his headquarters, at Gurweik. In the poster he claimed that “Pakistan was a creation of the British and Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a British agent”. He further declared that “he would start an operation against the … Read more